ISSUE #1 – APRIL, 2016

Yer boys have only gone and secured a wee slot at Belladrum. Madness, The Darkness, Two Door Cinema Club………The fucking Begbies!! Buzzing feels like years and years of hard work finally paying off. 2016 has been a belter for us so far. We have played at a sold out Tuts, had national Airplay, performed on national radio, played at countless football stadiums and now we are looking at festival season. I’ve always felt The Begbies would be most appreciated at festivals. The whole festival vibe suits the band down to a tee. Getting pished in a field and making a dick of yourself, yes please.

Just out the studio, recording our latest single. It’s cool for me to see how far the band has come when we hit the studio. The tunes we produce nowadays blow me away. I’ve always been super proud of the band, I have some great memories with all the dudes from previous variations of The Begbies but the group we have now are something else. The tunes are so polished; each new record is a new step in a better direction. We are like a well-oiled machine. The boys at Rocket Science have to take loads of the credit. Mikey and Ross are wizards. You can hear their passion for the band in the tunes as well. They are so hands on when we are in the studio it makes for such a polished sound. This new track is a SKA banger, we even have Trombone in this track, something we have been desperate to add for ages. We should have the record out pretty soon.


The Phantoms @ Broadcast

We’ve watched The Phantoms grow their over the past year and it’s amazing to see. Confidence is often mistaken for arrogance and The Phantoms are a band bursting with confidence. Like ourselves, The Phantoms have no problem selling out Glasgow venues, so it was class to see them sell out Broadcast. Their tunes are HUGE, fill the room with noise and distortion but in a very clever way. It’s lazy to liken the boys to Oasis, is there Oasis influence’s, of course, but I see more Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club in their music. I see Joy Division as well, Joy Division where class at using weird sounds and samples, something The Phantom boys are class at too. They destroyed Broadcast and launched their new single “Lost” in some style, well in boys.


Van T’s @ Nice and Sleazy

The Van T’s are cool, cool dudes. We’ve had the pleasure of playing shows with these dudes and for any “scenesters” these dudes are a must watch. The night was all about Catholic Action but, for me, The Van T’s stole the night with an amazing performance. As a boy brought up on Punk I love their DIY feel, reminds me of Joan Jet and The Runaways, top stuff.


Crash Club @ Stereo

Am not even going to try describe how fucking awesome these dudes are. Just take a fucking telling, these boys are the business.



Our boy Kieran’s new band, Shallows have their debut single ready for release and let me tell you, it’s a belter. Synth pop is the lazy man’s path to stardom these days. There are countless bands that produce soulless, digitally engineered, ear aids, Shallows are not one of these bands. The boys have spent months in the practise room learning their craft, and it comes through in the new single. Sing along choruses, more hooks flying around than a date with Chris Brown. This track is defo going straight in the “Banger” category.


Stop fucking killing each other. It’s getting fucking stupid now. The amount of stupid, unnecessary deaths that go unreported around the world is actually staggering. Most of the trouble is fuelled by greed and lack of education. Donald Trump being an actual thing shows just how uneducated we are as a people. The man is bat shit crazy and only has a voice and an opinion because he is rich. He hasn’t worked his way into the election campaign through politics; he is there because he has enough money to cure his boredom. He was 6 months away from the celebrity jungle and a morning chat show with Katy Hopkins. The fact that anyone even pays the slightest bit of attention to him scares me to the core. You should never trust anyone who has enough money to buy a small country but still has that hair. It’s weird that the people who often speak the most sense are the ones most ridiculed by the media, yet this arse piece gets off scot free.

RIP Benny Harvie


I’ve been playing Music in the central belt of Scotland for about 8 years now. I’ve seen a lot of great musicians and bands come and go, but never have I seen it as exciting as it is right now, east or west and especially us in the middle. Regardless of genre’s or age or anything like that , it’s just generally a good time to be in a band and out their contributing to and supporting your local scene. I strongly urge everyone who is out there on the ‘ Scene ‘ , to get out there and actually support it. Don’t just show up, play your little set and fuck off to the bar. I can guarantee that not only will you have a good time, but your time spent will be recognised by your peers and will be returned.