ISSUE #3 – June, 2016

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KVASIR @ Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow

Caught KVASIR’s first ever performance and it was a topper! The stage show, lights and production were 10/10 as where the tunes. The songs flowed seamlessly from tune to tune, with the odd political soundbite thrown in for good measure.

KVASIR have a debut EP on the way and If this performance was anything to go by, it’s going to be class.


Sergeant @ The Liquid Rooms

We here at Begbie HQ have always been in love with Sergeant. Every show is a wee trip down memory lane for us as, when we started, Sergeant were our yard stick to aspire to. Memory lane aside tho, these boys are the real deal. I don’t know what goes on in the back ground but I do wish they’d get it sorted and start gigging and writing new material again. When we see some of the bands that have gone to the next level, I always wonder how Sergeant never made it. 3 dates across Scotland, Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh, all sold out, all bouncing, every song, every word sung back to them.

If that’s not what this games about, then I honestly don’t know what the point is.




We have written about these dudes before, but honestly, they just keep churning out bangers! The Van t’s new single, Blood Orange, is a topper. This is such a clever take on modern grunge. It’s filled with reverb, distortion and haunting vocals. It has all the laid back qualities of “surf rock” but with a kick in the gut “grunge” feel. It kinda makes me wanna fire down the beach in my Dr Martens and glare at folk haha.

Quality track.

‘GLASGOW’ – The Snuts

What a track this is. We’ve known the boys for years and they’ve always been that “good time” band. Bus loads of folk at gigs, all wrecked, all having a good time but with little substance to their music. “Glasgow” kicks that theory right out the window as these boys have substance. They’ve been away for a while and by the looks of it have spent their time learning their craft and sculpting their tunes. For such a “young” band “Glasgow” is old beyond its years. Vocally it’s sensational; Jack has a set of lungs on him. Melodically its bang on the money, filled with sing along choruses. The West Lothian Music Scene has just gained itself another MASSIVE band, another band to be proud of!

On yersels bois.


Jack Stark

Another gem from the West Lothian Music Scene. Imagine Biffy/Ed Sheeran/Mumford and sons all rolled up into one voice, boom, you’ve got young Jack. This boy is not only vocally sensational, his guitarmanship and ability to pen tracks is incredible. His debut EP is filled with just beautiful songs.

This boy has a big future ahead of him.


Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is a cancer amongst our society. Ignorance is breading murderers. Ignorance is giving them excuses. This month we have seen a man walk into a night club and slaughter 49 innocent people cause he is to ignorant to understand something he isn’t a part of. To ignorant to care because his beliefs say those people are wrong. Those people were enjoying themselves, just like we do on nights out. Those people were socialising, like we do with each other. Those people were being human beings, like we are human beings. No one, wither you are; gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual, white, black, green, orange, Dutch, Canadian, Hearts fan, Man United, right handed, left handed, hungry, tired, Christian or Muslim, deserve to be slaughtered for simply being different from you. Surely if there was a God, that would be his message? Surely it would? People, if you wake up tomorrow and feel uneasy about someone cause of their sexuality, guess what, you’re the problem. You’re the odd one in that situation.
Its 2016, can we start to grow the fuck up.