ISSUE #5 – September/October, 2016


That myth of time machines has now been solved. You can jump on board with Trump and experience the world of fifty years ago, segregation of race, punishment of abortion, evasion of tax for the corporations who needn’t avoid it as they see plenty of income. U.K plagued by the narrow mindedness of the National Front or the EDL, some small groups of stupid people who practice ignorance and preach hate.

Fashion is my only culture”

‘Do Nothing’ by The Specials

We can sit and talk about Trump until his wee metaphorical wall appears but social media has that covered. So we will keep this relatively brief. Choosing Trump or Clinton would’ve been like picking between the bad and the worst. Most concerning is from the whole nation of America, it was whittled down to the bestie of the bankers and the poisonous old rich man as seen on TV (soon to be on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ & ‘Come Dine with Me’) As technology has grown, environments and people also seem to become more robotic and dethatched from basic humane societal ideologies. There has been a Nazi-like behavior’s, the propaganda of UKIP during the Brexit campaign to the revelations of Trump in regards to all beings who are not white. We see crudely drawn swastikas and misspelt racially demeaning graffiti.

Look at Bernie Sanders, he is so endearing and appealing as a President because he seems to be aware of people outside hit party and his manifest. We have spent so long disillusioned by a system that does nothing for us that we surely have to re-think everything we do. We can’t let our voices be shut out, this needs addressed and acted upon, if not for us then for our future generations.

I hope that the electing of the world’s worst man will come as a bit of a shock, this shock provoking people to sit back and contemplate, “what the fuck is going on?”. Maybe one day we will grow to be satisfied and start to look after each other.

Hatred is taught and can be reversed.

We are all a part of the world’s only race, the human race.


What happens when there’s nobody to vote for?

The U.S. Election seems to have answered that question. Unfortunately they’ve answered it with a racist Ruby Breakfast Grapefruit, glued to a dead hamster, wearing a power suit.
I understand the “Never Hillary” camp as I truly felt Bernie Sanders offered the only progressive option for America. Sadly, Super-Delegates and Super-PACs saw to it that he was Super-Boned and had to fall in line with the “Devil You Know” campaign.

On the other side, Trump managed to rally the “Average Joes” of America and somehow convince them that the son of a Tycoon, flying on a golden private jumbo-jet, had their best interests at heart.
Maybe it’s the bag of chips on my working class shoulder but I find it impossible to accept a billion-heir as the saviour of the common man.

This result was apparently anti-establishment. I guess some people don’t see the irony of voting for someone to shake up the very establishment they’ve worked so hard to prop up. Many cite “change” as their reason for electing Trump.
If I was rudely awoken tomorrow morning by a shovel to the face, then forced to work down a coal mine, that would be a change but I can’t say I’d welcome it.

The common denominator across IndyRef, Brexit and now the U.S. Election seems to be “The Silent Majority” suddenly speaking out.
Perhaps the words of the great President Abraham Lincoln said it best…

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Ross Hamilton – Bad Mannequins


As we digest what has happaened in America over the past couple of days, it does feel strange to put these words to paper; Donald Trump is president of The United States of America. You couldn’t make that up, The Simpsons did 16 years ago as a joke. The depths of self-satire to which America has plunged itself into has made for the most profound and completely bizarre political series of events the 21st Century might ever see.

Briefly then, let’s recap on the two candidates. Donald Trump throughout his campaign has unleashed a torrent of racist, misogynistic and generally foul words from his rallies and speeches and interviews. His portfolio of unadulterated nonsense, some harmless, some less so, has been well documented. Hillary Clinton has conducted herself in the complete opposite manner of her opponent, but she has grossly missed the mark of portraying a character fit to lead the ‘free world’ herself. Clinton has been followed by a cloud of corruption, corporate backing, and unadulterated ambition that she has been unable to completely distance herself from. She represents the establishment. She is disingenuous in action and supercilious in tone, it is easy to see why so many Americans do not trust her.

In defence of the current secretary of state, she has had years of experience in political office, including being first lady to her husband and former president Bill Clinton and has displayed a desire to pursue progressive policies. These include building on the work of current president Barack Obama in regards to Obamacare and cracking down further on the gun lobbies in America. It paints a grim picture of sexual equality in the 21st century that a wholly qualified woman lost out to an un-qualified man caught bragging about sexually assaulting women.

Hillary Clinton’s problem however, and the problem of the global mainstream media, has been the nauseating cavalier approach with which the threat of Trump has been handled. At first Donald was considered a joke and rightly so, but as the Republican candidate began to attract notable momentum, the voices of concerned Americans were drowned out by the laughing audience of Saturday Night Live. So, while Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump had the smug media and right-minded liberal thinkers guffawing all over the internet, the real version was out re-assuring the white middle and working classes of America that only he could make America great again. Back to the good old days before global recessions and terrorist attacks on American soil.

What then to make of it? The gut reaction of Democrat supporters in America has been shock, and in the case of some, outright despair. Maybe if much of the left-wing social media activists had bothered to engage in higher discussion with their friends on the right, instead of making memes, then this wouldn’t have happened. Let’s not also forget that a two-party system is wholly un-democratic. Also, only 51.3% of the electorate bothered to turn out to vote. Some food for thought.

Palmiros – Michael Cameron.