ISSUE #8 – April, 2017

We’re pleased to celebrate the first year of Choose Rude.

Since kicking things off with a latpop and printer, we’ve since printed over 5,000 copies of our very own Zine and recieved over 30,000 hits on the blog. Choose Rude began as an outlet for local bands to put their oppinion across; talk about their local scene, favourite shows and most hated politicans. Since then Choose Rude has branched out to a Live Music Event, taking over both Edinburgh & Glasgow, selling both volumes out and including artists such as Bad Mannequins, Moonlight Zoo, Rascalton, Palmiros and Heavy Rapids.

Recieving National Radio coverage and turning heads with every issue.



As always here at Begbie HQ the wheels are turning. This year our sole target is to write and record a new album/LP for you all, so we will be locked in the studio from now till around Novembers. We’ve rushed releases before so this time we are going  to take our time with it and make sure that every single track is as good as it can be. We have some amazing ideas we are really hoping we can get to come through in our sound. To help with our plans for global domination we have moved into our very own Begbie space which is helping our creative juices flow. We’ve been lucky enough throughout the Begbies history to have always had the support of our local community, from our spiritual home at the Harvie, RIP, to our new place, Livingston has always been good to us. A lot of what we are writing is based upon our home town and the current economic and political climate. We are defo writing the best stuff we have ever produced just now.

As we look to the future, we have had to make a change within The Begbies to make sure our future is as bright as it possibly can be. We have been so lucky to work with Kieran as the boy is a mega talent and can slap the fuck out a bass but sadly we have had to take a different path. Kieran is on the verge of something incredible and it was only right to allow him to fully focus on his other project. We have been lucky enough to have an inside track on what this boy is producing and believe me, it’s incredible, make sure you dudes keep your eyes peeled for LaKyoto, these boys will be huge. So that news allows us to finally introduce our new bass player, Gordon Phipps. Gino as we lovingly call him has been a long time Begbie fan and we a fan of him. Gino is the bass player in one of our favourite bands The Vigo Thieves so we are delighted to be working with the big man. As well as being an incredibly talented man, he is so enthusiastic about all things Begbie which is amazing for us. We are buzzing to start gigging and writing with the big man.

Although we are locked away in the studio/rehearsal room for the next 6 months we haven’t forgotten about you cool cats. We have loads of summer festivals coming up. So far we have Bute and XPO North confirmed with a few others up our sleeves. We also have plans a foot for a small UK tour and 4 more Choose Rude dates including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Inverness. Keep an eye on The Begbie pages for info when we get all the dates sorted.

Keep the faith.


If you’ve been keeping an eye on our recent issue’s of Choose Rude, this lad will need no introduction. We’ve been a massive fan of Lewis for the past few years and have had him along with us for a few Begbie Shows. The lad is complete talent, from his songwriting to deliverance, he’s been setting Spotify alight with over 4 million views, insane. If you get the opportunity to catch him live, pounce.


Forget Trump for a second. We’ve done plenty on how dangerous his views and opinions are. Let’s look at the bigger picture for a second, his mindset currently. This man has turned one of the most respected and historical seats in world politics into a weird, less funny, “mean girls” spin off. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to name but a few of the historical individuals to sit in that position of power. These guys are part of our education system and part of the global history of the world. Their achievements and accomplishments are lauded over and hailed as the foundation of modern democracy as we know it. Now am not going to turn this into a democracy debate, that can be for another Choose Rude. Democracy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and is one of the biggest myths in modern politics, but let’s do that another time. Donald Trump in a few short months has singled handedly destroyed the reputation of that seat. Not via his outrageous ideas, we’ve covered this, but through his in ability to hold himself with the grace that position has always been renowned for, well you know what I mean. Like him or loathe him, Obama was humble and courteous. He had ideas many didn’t like but he was always respectful in his disagreement with others. He will have received dogs abuse daily, probably even hourly from all quarters but he never let it effect him as he knew the position of power he was in required a better standard of individual. Trump has pretty much replied to every single piece of bad publicity or criticism. He’s gone after musicians, artists, politicians and broadcasters like an angry teenager shunned from a party. Pressure does strange things to people and politics does even weirder things. The man has all ready lost it. These “bedding” in months are normally the most “incident” free. Trump hit the ground running with his craziness and the pressure is all ready telling. The world around him is every changing and he seems more interested in responding to Snoop Dogg via twitter. Future generations will be shown tweets from Trump in classrooms. They will be asked to describe his state of mind and, using literally techniques, write about it. That’s crazy. Think about that.  “Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” George Washington. “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.” Donald Trump. That’s the mind set of a narcissist. As I type this, Trumps administration is currently under investigation by the FBI for collaborating with Russia.  Scary. 


Who’s up for a wee trip up north?

We’re delighted to announce that we will be playing this years Xpo North Showcase alongside some of Scotlands best live acts. We’ll be looking forward to hearing some live sets from a few good mates that are heading up, here’s a list of the selected Artist’s.

100 Fables
Ali Robertson
American Clay
Dancing on Tables
Declan Welsh & the Decadent West
Ded Rabbit
Edgar Road
Edwin Organ
Emme Woods
Ernest Rambles
Eugene Twist
Faces On TV
Fat Goth
Foggy City Orphan (FCO)
Future Get Down
Garden Of Elks
Hamish Hawk
Indigo Velvet
Jackal Trades
James Mackenzie (Full Band)
Jamie And Shoony
Josephine Sillars
Lawless and the leash
Medicine Men
Mia Mackintosh
Michiel Turner
Mira Aasma
Miracle Glass Company
Moteh Parrott
Mother Night
Mt. Doubt
New Portals

November Lights
Other Humans
Posable Action Figures
Pronto Mama
Pure Grief
Rebel Westerns
Reverieme (Solo Acoustic)
Roseanne Reid
Savage Mansion
Schnarff Schnarff
Single By Sunday
The Begbies
The Howling Lords
The Imagineers
The Little Kicks
The Moon Kids
The Vegan Leather
The Youth And Young
Tijuana Bibles
We Came From Wolves
Wojtek The Bear