ISSUE #9 – June, 2017


When we pulled together this months Choose Rude we had one terror attack to deal with. By the time we had finished and started the process of publishing Choose Rude, we had two terror attacks to deal with. First and foremost, our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to all the victims, survivors and families caught up in these attacks. Nothing we can write will make anything any better for any of them but we just wanted to highlight how incredibly proud we are of the togetherness shown in the face of such atrocity. The way in which we deal with the aftermath of these horrible events always blows me away. We see such acts of kindness throughout and the out pouring of empathy is always on an incredible scale, it really does make you proud. To show such bravery in the face of fear is a character trait that will never be dampened by these attacks. The “One love Manchester” concert was also a fantastic event pulled together by a sect of pop music often, and rightly, tarnished as selfish and self concerned but they showed great selflessness to not only attend but to perform for free. We must admit we got awfy excited at the prospect of Noel and Liam walking out onto that stage but never mind, I guess. We were, however, treated to ‘Rock n Roll Star’ and ‘Live Forever’, the less said about that ‘Wall of Glass’ tune, the better. Not his best work. After the dust settles on these acts of depravity we need to have a serious look in the mirror and ask ourselves some real tough questions. Our fight against Terror is failing and if we don’t ask ourselves difficult questions the scenes of the last few weeks will become a regular occurrence. We could say this isn’t a dig at the Tories but, in fact, it 100% is. The cuts to the police force were ill advised, dangerous and condemned by many at the time. Those calling it dangerous were silenced with “the boy who cried wolf”. Sadly, for the people who have lost loved ones, the warning was justified. Jeremy Corbyn, a decade ago, warned us about our dangerous relationship with the Middle East and any action taken against the area could spiral out of control and open us up to many dangers. Again, at the time, he was laughed at. There’s not many disagreeing with what he said now. Our foreign policy needs addressed, and pronto. Our police force and emergency response networks need proper funding and laws passed to help them prevent the scenes of Manchester and London. Our prison systems are over crowded and under funded. Jailing people on watch lists etc. won’t solve the problem, if anything, it will only help them along their road towards being radicalised. We need a full new strategy to tackle this problem and quick. The elephant in the room when it comes to terrorists and terror organisations etc. – our relationship with Saudi Arabia and our need for their cash for our weapons. Saudi Arabia buy our arms and then sell these arms to militant groups who carry out these attacks. Only a month ago, our Prime Minister was in the region striking weapon deals and she has the cheek to stand on the steps of Downing Street and lecture us about our need to be stronger. Lip service. Cut the ties and stop the lies. We need a strong leader, the current Prime Minister, the 6th choice lady, isn’t it?

“There is a light that never goes out…”

Track Review

Bad Mannequins - Deny Till U Die, Pt.1

I don’t have enough words to tell you how into this I am. I love The Hives and Electric Six so this is a dream come true for me this EP. Funky, Weird and filled with bangers. Get into this ASAP as they are destined for big, big things. These boys supported us on the first night of “Choose Rude” and we have been fans since. This EP is the best thing to happen to 2017 musically for us, immense! Remember, this is a two piece band. The sound is HUUUUUUUGGGGE!

Track Review

LaKyoto - Runaway

We loved these boys as Shvllows and we continue to love them as LaKyoto. This is a much dirtier sounding track than anything previous from Shvllows, more grown up maybe. Distinctive vocals reaching ball aching heights and pounding synth, an instant pop classic. These boys have bags of talent and bags of potential. They plan on releasing a debut EP/Album before the end of the year, we can’t wait.

Track Review

The Vegan Leather - Shake It

Weird and wonderful are The Vegan Leather, something totally left field and we love it. One of the best live acts we’ve seen and now they are smashing out bangers. Taking something so good live and capturing it in a recording is an almost impossible task but somehow they’ve managed to shoe horn everything they give live into a record. This track is a pop master piece and show cases everything good about the band. The bass line throughout is hypnotic and the monotone vocals keep that hypnotic vibe going. The song is effortlessly cool, as is the video. These cool cats are the real deal and I’d recommend everyone gets into it.

Track Review

Medicine Men - Out of the Light

This track is full of swagger and confidence from a band that properly know their strengths and identity. The self confidence in everything the Medicine Men do is evident throughout this track. Amazing vocals, amazing riffs, amazing synths/keys and amazing bass. Their is something to admire about a band that do what they like and don’t give two fucks about anyone else, a vibe we live by ourselves. This tracks makes me wanna drive haha no idea why but its a total vibe track and would defo feature in one of those Jeremy Clarkson “Best Driving Tunes” compilation. Video is really cool as well.